Below are some of the questions we’re most frequently asked about how we work and what we can do.
If your question isn’t below, feel free to send us a message and we’ll get back to you

How much does it cost?2018-04-30T12:33:01+01:00

Each individual project can vary so much depending on your requirements. This is why we offer a bespoke service, tailored precisely to what you need. The best thing to do is contact us, let us know about your project, and we’ll be more than happy to give you a personalised quote.

What equipment do you use?2021-06-28T16:59:26+01:00

We have a full arsenal of camera gear, including multiple cameras, lenses, lights and sound equipment to allow us to take on pretty much any kind of shoot. If you require a specific piece of gear, we’re able to hire in too!

Here are the specifics:
Kinefinity 4k Cinema Camera
4 x Panasonic Mirrorless Cameras
Zoom H6 + Audio Technica AT875r
Rode Wireless Microphone

DJI Ronin

Zhiyun Crane 2

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Live Switcher

Pop-Up Backdrop inc Green Screen

Too many lenses to list, but including:
2x Panasonic 14-140mm Zoom
Full set of Samyang prime lenses
Custom anamorphic lens rig

Lighting includes:
3x Arri 650w Fresnel
4x 135w Softbox
5x LED Panels
10x LED RGB Par Cans
6x LED RGB Tubes
Wide range of gels
Smoke Machine

Are you willing to travel?2017-10-19T10:33:03+01:00

We’re based in Manchester, UK, and usually work around the North West in places such as Liverpool, Warrington, Stockport, etc, but we’re happy to travel anywhere in the UK if the job requires; regularly travelling to places like London, Nottingham and the Lake District to shoot for our clients. We’ve even been known to travel internationally!

What if my project isn’t on the service page?2017-10-19T10:33:10+01:00

Don’t worry! The services page is just a loose guide designed to fit what most of our clients need. If it involves a camera, chances are we can help you out. The best thing to do is just send us a message with some information about the project.

We’re also more than happy to supplement an existing crew, shoot a project and hand over the raw footage to be edited elsewhere, and also edit a project that you’ve already had filmed.

How long will the process take?2017-10-19T10:33:18+01:00

This depends entirely on what the project is! As a rule of thumb we say a 3-4 week turnaround from shooting to having the finished video, but this mostly depends on how busy we are with other projects at the time. If you have a deadline that needs to be met, just let us know when you get in touch and we’ll do our best to meet it for you.

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